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Adult Group Lessons

Adult Tournament Training: Sundays 12.30pm – 2.00pm

The adult tournament training sessions are for players who are playing competitive tennis regularly in Leagues and Tournaments or for regular ‘club session’ players who wish to bring their game to the next level.

A mix of technical coaching, match strategy and fitness work provide a good balance to this session. If you want a work out this is the one to come to!

If you would like to get involved, trial a session or just have a chat to see what option is best for you please send us an email or give Michael a call – 07714090307.

Adult Back to Tennis Classes: Mondays 7.00pm – 8.00pm (taken by Rosemary Masefield, please see contact details below)

Adult Club Scene at Helen’s Bay Tennis Club

Please contact Rosemary Masefield (02891853339) for more information on the ‘Adult Scene’ at Helen’s Bay Tennis Club or visit¬†the Helen’s Bay Tennis Club Website.

Private adult group lessons can be organised with Michael if you have access to a private or public tennis court. Please get in touch…


Sally Anderson

My son has had Michael as a tennis coach for a few years now. Michael is an excellent, skillful coach. He always goes the extra mile with a pupil and the encouragement he gives shows in their enjoyment. My son, now 13, looks up to Michael and I can only affirm he is an excellent role model to any young person.
North Down Tennis Academy
Michael is an excellent, skilful coach. He always goes the extra mile...

Heather McKibben

Michael is a true professional tennis coach. The children learn how to play tennis through fun and enjoyment whilst continually being given positive feedback and encouragement.

North Down Tennis Academy
The children learn how to play tennis through fun and enjoyment...

Shelley Cleere

Michael's tennis coaching is truly inspirational & my kids are loving the tailored focus he puts into each session. Helen's Bay will really benefit from his high energy approach that motivates, yet provides a fun environment for young players to develop and hone their tennis skills.
North Down Tennis Academy
"My kids are loving the tailored focus..."

Tony Mitchell

The Junior Squad Coaching sessions with Michael have been fantastic! My son has learned so much. His game has improved massively along with his enjoyment of tennis. He can't wait till the next coaching sessions to begin!
North Down Tennis Academy
"The Junior Squad Coaching sessions with Michael have been fantastic!"
North Down Tennis Academy