PayPal Guide

What is PayPal?

Owned by eBay, PayPal is an online payment system that aims to make shopping on the internet safer and easier. It also reduces your risk of becoming a victim of credit card fraud. There are over 20 million PayPal accounts in the UK alone, making it the most popular payment processing solution on the web.

How does it work

You don’t have to signup for PayPal account to use online payments (not unless you want to!).

Just like other online payment gateways you will be prompted for your credit/debit card, email address, phone number etc. Your payment will then be processed.

Can anything go wrong?

If there are any problems with your purchase – for example, if you don’t receive the goods/services as described or if you don’t receive the goods at all – PayPal offers you protection.

File a ‘buyer complaint’ and your payment to the seller will be frozen until the dispute is settled. You credit card company will then issue you a ‘chargeback’.

PayPal operates round-the-clock, anti-fraud and anti-phishing monitoring, but remain vigilant. There have been cases of emails from fraudsters posing as PayPal, telling you that your account has been hacked. Make sure you don’t give out your email or password to anyone.